In 2016, Youngstown had a population of approximately 64,312 people. A thriving city located on the Mahoning River, Youngstown is also called The City of You. You can find many opportunities in Youngstown OH, as it has several amenities and available jobs. The climate in Youngstown is humid continental.

As one of the best places to live in, most likely you already have a business or planning to have one in Youngstown Ohio. If you are making a choice to improve your commercial building, consider your roof. A commercial roofing serves as your business’ first defense against heat, cold, wind rain, and other external elements.

Over time, commercial roofs deteriorate. When this happens, problems such as leak cause damage to your property. Energy bills also increase since your roof becomes less efficient to reflect heat.

J&M Roofing LLC offers roof restoration solutions in Erie, Western Pennsylvania

We serve local residents in Ohio through our commercial roofing services. More specifically, we restore worn-out roofs that can still be saved. Instead of immediately opting for a roof replacement which is much more expensive, a restoration ensures a longer lasting roof at a reasonable price.

Fixes and prevents pesky leaks

Tears and holes in your roofing surface allow water to penetrate. A damp roof layer promotes mold problems which affect the health of your tenants. We use Conklin acrylic elastomeric coatings to completely seal off existing leaks. There’s no way that water can enter through your roof after the restoration process.

A sustainable and environmentally friendly method

Roof tear offs and replacements are not only costly. They also harm the environment by contributing to more landfill waste. Our roof restoration coatings are compatible with different roofing types – metal, EPDM, asphalt, and more. Instead of replacing them, we simply apply highly reflective coatings. After their warranty, we can replace them again to further extend your roof’s life.

Prevents existing problems from becoming worse

Roof problems don’t go away, no matter how you try to ignore them. They only grow worse until you reach a point where your only option is a total replacement. Before this can happen, our team will visually inspect your roof, clean, it, and apply Conklin roof coatings. So whether your roof has tears, punctures, and is less reflective, go for our restoration service.

Reduces cooling expenses up to 30%

All the products we install ensure energy efficiency. Our coatings, spray polyurethane foam, and single-ply roofing systems reflect heat from the sun thereby lowering your cooling expenses all year round. You can just imagine how much you’ll be able to save in business through this simple improvement in your roof.

Lasts longer than the warranty period

J&M Roofing LLC’s restoration solutions come with a warranty period. But because we use only high-quality restoration materials and follow the best techniques, our clients’ roofs often last longer than the warranty period. The only thing that’s needed to maintain your commercial roof is a yearly cleaning.

What do you say? Give your commercial roofing in Youngstown Ohio the care it deserves. Make it last long. We can help you enjoy more savings and reap the benefits of a durable roof. Contact us today to get a free no-obligation roof estimate.