How to Get Rid of Moss on Your Commercial Roof (And Keep It from Coming Back)

how to get rid of moss on roof

Moss on roofing shingles is a common sight. But moss on commercial roofs… is that possible? Yes, it is. Regardless of what roofing material you have, it’s susceptible to plant growth. In fact, it’ll be one one of your worst nightmares as a property owner unless you do something about it!

You may wonder what facilitates moss growth. Well, moss just loves shady and damp areas! If trees surround your building and your roof lacks proper ventilation, moss thrives and spreads.

Sometimes, the wind carries moss spores. When these fall onto organic kinds of stuff on your roof (such as branches or bird droppings), they grow.

In this post, you’ll learn how to get rid of moss on roof. But first, let’s look at its consequences.

Effects of Moss on Your Roof

A lot of people think that moss is a sight to behold. Some even grow moss gardens! But just because moss reminds you of hobbit houses and fairies, doesn’t mean they’re harmless.

evidence of possible roof leak
Moss weakens the roofing material. Over time, this leads to leaks.

Moss speeds up roofing wear and tear. Moss acts like a sponge because it absorbs water. Ideally, roofs should be free from moisture. A roof that’s been soaked for a long time weakens. This leads to leaks. Moisture also attracts pests like termites. If you have a metal roof, the material itself corrodes.

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One can imagine the consequences of leaks inside your building. They damage the rafters and pose fire and slip and fall hazards. Leaks are also a cause for mold problems.

As you can already tell, moss creates a multitude of building problems.

How to Get Rid of Moss on Roof (Treatment and Prevention)

1. Start with a roofing inspection.

Roofing professionals know how to get rid of moss on the roof. Before they do the cleaning, they begin with a thorough inspection. Contractors make sure that the material itself is safe to walk on. This is what we do at J&M Roofing LLC. We assess your commercial roof for moss and signs of damage.

2. Use bleach solution or a proven moss killer.

The simplest way to eliminate moss from the roof is with the use of a bleach solution. This mixture is made up of 50 percent water and 50 percent bleach. It won’t damage your roofing material.

However, since it kills and prevents the re-growth of moss, it also affects nearby plants. With that, your roofing contractor should cover surrounding plants.

bleach and water in bucket
Soaking mossy roof areas with bleach solution is an effective method.

Pour water in a large bucket followed by the bleach. Pour the solution over the mossy area and leave it on for a few hours. Notice that eventually, the moss starts to turn yellow.

Use a brush with metal or durable plastic bristles to manually remove the weakened moss. Rinse off the mixture. Your contractor will also check the roofing material where the moss grew for damage.

A roof moss liquid concentrate treatment is an alternative to the chlorine solution. Such treatments also work on other areas like pavements.

3. Keep tree branches well-trimmed.

Overgrown tree branches create shady areas that support moss. How to get rid of moss? Trim overgrown tree limbs. Hire a professional arborist or tree surgeon to do the job.

Trimming them away from your roofline does two things. While the task mainly prevents moss growth, it also protects the roofing surface from falling debris. Also, remember that small animals access the roof through overhanging branches.

4. Hire commercial roof cleaning services.

When was the last time you had your metal or flat roof cleaned? Roof cleaning is an important part of a good roof maintenance plan. Cleaning eliminates the possibility of moss growth by removing organic material and moisture on your roof.

Your contractor should also clean the gutters and downspouts to prevent overflowing and water soaking the roof.

roof cleaning materials
Commercial roof cleaning is an important part of maintenance.

At the end of the day, roof cleaning maximizes the lifespan of your roof. What better way to save more money and get high ROI? If you need help on roof maintenance, be sure to call J&M Roofing LLC.

5. Look out for green or black discoloration.

It pays to be observant. Your roof is an important structure of your commercial property. Observing it and noting discolorations are simple ways to deal with potential issues early on.

Should You Do It Yourself or Hire a Roofing Contractor?

Watching videos or reading posts on how to get rid of moss on roof sounds simple. The truth is, it’s more complicated than you realize. Before you decide to go up the roof, here are some considerations:

1. There are specific tools and equipment for the job.

Any type of roofing job, whether cleaning or repairs, require a set of materials. Roofing contractors were trained to use them with ease and efficiency. Most likely you don’t have such tools and will spend money just to secure them.

2. Untrained individuals can damage the roof.

two people doing a handshake
Hire a commercial roofing contractor to handle moss problems.

The average person can accidentally damage the roofing material when tackling the task for the first time. Hire a contractor instead even if things look simple. By making small mistakes, you run the risk of spending more money. Minor moss issues can turn into structural problems if you’re not careful.

3. DIY jobs void roofing warranties.

Some commercial property owners think of tackling moss on their own through pressure washing. High settings inflict damage because of the impact they create. Your roofing membrane can literally get destroyed. This voids warranties. Years back, a commercial roofing client of ours called us. He needed a repair after pressure washing the mossy areas.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it… Now you are aware of the consequences of moss and how to get rid of moss on roof. We hope that this guide makes you realize the value or preventive roof maintenance.

J&M Roofing LLC knows that commercial building owners and property managers need professional help with roofing jobs. We inspect roofs and remove moss. We even offer restoration services for damaged roofs that can still be saved!

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