6 Ways to Keep Your Roof Cool All Year Round In Ohio

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Is the summer heat in Ohio causing discomfort to everyone in your building? Most of the time, business or building owners think that they can’t do much about the increasing heat except to turn on their air conditioners frequently. Little do they realize that roofs affect the temperature inside.

Yes, the roof either absorbs heat or reflects it back. Don’t believe us? Below are different roofing factors:

  • The color of your roof – Dark roof colors tend to absorb more heat while light-colored roofs reflect heat. This has been demonstrated in a Federal study where the plywood beneath a dark roof was 10 to 15°F hotter.
  • Presence or absence of insulation – Insulation plays an important part in roof temperature. It acts as a barrier so that energy doesn’t leak through the roof.
  • Roof pitch – Low sloped or flat roofing systems absorb more heat than sloped roofs because the former receive direct heat from the sun.

Now let’s discuss some ways on how to reduce heat from the rooftop.

How to Keep Your Roof Cool In Ohio

1. Apply reflective roof coatings.

If you haven’t encountered reflective roof coatings, these are coatings you apply to metal and rubber roofs to reduce heat from the rooftop. Reflective coatings work one out of two ways.

First, the coating reflects sunlight the moment it hits your roofing surface. Second, it exhibits thermal emittance where the heat that is absorbed by your roof is then reflected back instead of getting into your building.

Reflective roof coatings increase your energy-efficiency. This means that your cooling system reduces its workload and that you save on utility bills. Some building owners prefer to apply the coatings without professional help. Some seek the skill and expertise of a professional roofing contractor.

2. Plant trees, vines, and shrubs around your building.

Plant Trees And Trees

Here’s a little-known way on how to reduce heat from the rooftop: Add greenery. In fact, the US Department of Energy states that just 3 trees around your property save you about $100-$250 in energy costs every year.

However, take note that when planting trees, first consult with a professional. He will tell you how far should a tree be from your building. Another concern with nearby trees is overhanging branches that touch your roofing surface. If there are trees around your building already, contact an arborist to get them trimmed.

Also, consider installing a roof garden. Roof gardens, also known as green roofs, can be created on EPDM and TPO rubber roofs. These gardens reduce rooftop heat because they act as a barrier and that the soil retains rainwater. Discuss your options with a single-ply membrane contractor.

3. Install roof ventilation.

Metal roofing systems for commercial or industrial buildings are huge investments. Proper ventilation is more than necessary if you want to maximize their lifespan. Here are the ways that roofing vents preserve your roof aside from keeping it cool:

  • Roof vents control condensation in order to preserve the performance of your insulation. During the summer months, warm air within your building should move through the ventilation system to get rid of the humidity.
  • Vents maintain the quality of the air you and your employees breathe. Without a doubt, poor indoor air quality affects people’s health and productivity levels.
  • Since vents allow warm air to escape, you no longer have to worry about metal expanding and contracting. Vents have demonstrated to preserve building structure.

4. Invest in a roof restoration service.

How old is your current commercial roofing system? Does it have holes and punctures? Is it showing signs of damage? Many clients approach us to convey their concerns about roofing deterioration. We would then find out that these forms of damage are accompanied by increasing energy bills.

roof restoration service

When a roof can no longer be repaired, we would do a roof replacement. We use energy-efficient materials that are much better than their previous roof. But there are times when we find out that a roof can still be “saved.” In such cases, we recommend a roof restoration.

A roof restoration aims to improve the current state of your roof without replacing it. We would repair damaged areas and use reflective coatings. Your roof will be made cooler.

5. Consider roof mist cooling systems.

How to reduce heat from roof top? Install a roof mist. A roof mist basically works like a garden sprinkler. It sprays small amounts of water throughout the metal roofing system at specific intervals. Sensors that are in place monitor the roof temperature. They determine when the sprinklers should be turned on again.

As the water evaporates, that’s when the cooling effect takes place. The roof mist cooling system would be connected to a water tank for continuous water supply. Although this method of keeping the roof cool requires large amounts of water, it reduces the load on air conditioning systems. This boosts your energy-efficiency.

6. Insulate your roof with spray foam.

Commonly called SPF, Spray polyurethane foam insulates your roof thereby cooling your building. Adding it to your current roofing system allows it to act as a barrier to prevent air leaks and unstable temperatures.

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Other benefits of using spray foam in addition to its cooling benefits include the following:

  • Increases the resistance of your building against wind uplifts.
  • Reduces the possibility of damage to your building since it reinforces the structure.
  • Protects your building from the entry of pests.

Here at J&M Roofing LLC, our roofing contractors install spray polyurethane foam coatings. We can apply this energy-saving material to different roofing systems. They include metal roofs and flat roofs (EPDM, BUR, modified bitumen), and more.

Final Thoughts For Keeping Your Roof Cool In Ohio

These are the 6 ways on how to reduce heat from the rooftop in Ohio. What method did you like best? Before you act, know that not everything in this guide may be applicable to you at this point in time. The best way to determine what you need is to speak with a licensed and certified roofing contractor.

Get in touch with J&M Roofing LLC for your roof cooling needs. Call our office at 330-575-4784 and we’ll give you a free quote.