The Long-Term Benefits of Roof Coatings for Commercial Buildings

roof coatings for commercial buildings

Day-to-day expenses often prompt building owners to think of ways to make their assets last. Because the roof is a huge component of a building, investing in its maintenance so that it lasts makes good business sense.

Newer roofing solutions are now being introduced in the market. These recent products eliminate common roofing concerns. Such include leaks, poor energy-efficiency, punctures, and more.

When it comes to the best of the best, consider roof coatings. Research tells us that the roof coating market size will increase to $1.94 billion in 2022 – up from $1.63 billion in 2017. This prediction leads us to ask, “What makes roof coatings a worthwhile investment?”

The truth is that roof coatings benefit building owners in many ways. We’re about to explore these advantages in this guide. Let’s get started, shall we?

Why are roof coatings great for commercial buildings?

1. Extend the lifespan of your current roof.

As a roofing consumer, you’d probably prefer a roof restoration over a replacement. Besides, a brand new roof may cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Today, we have a tight economy that compels consumers to make things last in order to save money.

Roof coatings are the perfect solution to prolong your roofing lifespan. Coatings are used in restoration processes. There are several cases in which coatings made old roofs last another decade. However, take note that roof coatings also have their own life expectancies. It pays to know what they are, depending on the roof coating product you choose for your roof.

2. Protect your roof from the elements.

storms and extreme weather

It’s unfortunate that commercial roofs don’t always get the attention they deserve. Roofs are the first line of defense against heat, cold, storms, and pests. People tend to forget that these things create roofing damage over time.

The reason roof coatings provide maximum protection is that they tend to be thicker than most roof paints. They’re built to withstand the scorching heat of the sun, strong winds, and temperature extremes. Not to mention, roof coatings minimize the impact of foot traffic – if you have personnel working on your roof.

An elastomeric roof coating such as Conklin creates a durable seal so that your roof stays protected all year round.

3. Reduce overheating and achieve energy-efficiency.

In summer months, tenants and employees complain of warm indoor temperatures despite the use of air conditioning. The sun increases the load on your HVAC if your roof cannot reflect back its rays.

Roof coatings are the ultimate solution to keep your building cool. When it comes to solar reflectance, Conklin roof coatings reflect up to 85% of heat. The more efficient a roofing system reflects solar heat, the greater the reduction in cooling costs. You also enjoy the benefit of a long-lasting roof, as the sun can no longer inflict much damage on its surface.

4. Improve the reputation of your building.

A “green” business is a good business to deal with. Customers will love the fact that you are taking measures to preserve the planet. Roof coatings make an environmentally-friendly choice because of the following reasons:

Reduce pollutants in the environment

Frequent usage of air conditioners results in harmful chemicals being released into the air. These cooling systems contribute to greenhouse gases, worsening the incidence of global warming. Since coatings reduce heat transmission through the roof, your AC units won’t have to work harder.

ac units of building

Reduce the amount of landfill waste

Do you know that old roofs take up 10% of landfill waste? Many roofing systems don’t last that long and become useless. Building owners replace their roofs more often due to poor maintenance or that they don’t know much about roof coatings. Yes, roof coatings mitigate damage so that a roof lasts longer.

5. Boost the aesthetic appeal of your roof.

You know that an unsightly roof creates a negative impression on your customers. This is especially true if your roof is visible from the ground. But who wants to deal with the costs of a roof replacement just to improve aesthetics? Not all building owners would be willing to do this unless damage is present.

Thanks to roof coatings, one can achieve a beautiful white roof in a cost-affordable way. Roof coatings are way cheaper than replacements. Replacing your roof involves more materials and labor. The removal process exposes parts of your building. It welcomes pests and outside elements.

Choosing the best roof coating for your building

Roofing contractors restore commercial roofs with roof coatings. If you are considering a roofing restoration today, it’s important to decide which coatings to use.

There are various products to choose from, but one type stands out: Acrylic elastomeric roof coatings. Do note that while acrylic elastomeric coatings look like paint, they perform differently. These coatings possess certain qualities make them extremely durable:

  • Acrylic elastomeric coatings can stretch and contract. This enables your roof to remain strong despite changes in temperature, severe weather, and building movements.
  • Several factors cause roof tears such as foot traffic. Acrylic elastomeric coatings effectively resist tears.
  • These coatings can be applied to different types of roofing materials. Whether you have a metal roof or flat roof, there’s no reason why you can’t restore it – unless it has extensive damage.

If you’re looking for proven roof coatings, we recommend coatings from Conklin Roofing Systems. They have remained to be a trusted provider to commercial buildings. Conklin roof coatings are ENERGY STAR rated. In terms of boosting appeal, they create a dirt-resistant finish and retain their white color for a long time.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, understanding how roof coatings help will improve your building in many ways. Recall that they increase roofing lifespan, offer maximum protection, boost energy-efficiency and comfort, and improve your green reputation and roof aesthetic appeal. If you happen to be the business owner, applying roof coatings allows you to enjoy a higher return-on-investment.

At J&M Roofing LLC, we fix and restore commercial roofs using Conklin roof coatings. We invite you to learn more about our roofing services today. Entrust your roofing concerns to the pros. Contact us today at 800-773-1616 / 330-575-4784 to get your free estimate.