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Why EPDM Is Good for Commercial Roofing

a commercial roof with an EPDM membrane properly installed

Contractors know why EPDM is good for commercial roofing because of their years of experience with the material. Most commercial property owners need an affordable but durable roof. Aside from ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) roofs, they have other single-ply membrane choices. Nevertheless, majority of commercial property owners go with rubber roofing. EPDM remains highly attractive because […]

A Full Guide to Flat Roof Systems for Commercial Buildings

flat roof systems for commercial buildings

Which of the flat room systems for commercial buildings is the best? Roofs complete the barrier that creates the internal space of a building. Exposed to the sun and rain, roofs must have the strength and durability to provide long-term protection. Strong, quality roofs are great investments. However, you won’t always have to choose the most […]

The Complete Guide to Rubber Roof Underlayment

rubber roof underlayment

Most homeowners mistake rubber roof underlayment as a modified version of rubber roofs. However, EPDM roofs are a single-ply membrane functioning as both the external roof and underlayment. Most contractors will recommend the installation of underlayment to prolong the lifespan of your roof. In consequence, it will lengthen the longevity of the entire property as well. Your […]