Choosing a TPO Roofing Material for Your Youngstown OH Property

TPO roofing material

Youngstown OH business owners can choose from a wide array of commercial roofing materials available in the market. In today’s modern age, there are a lot of options to consider depending on how much budget you can allocate. For this blog post, we’ll share with you some insights on one of the front-runners in the commercial roofing industry. Stick around to find out why a TPO roofing material is worth your time and resources…

We decided to focus on the TPO roofing material to give it the spotlight it deserves. As for today, we’ll provide you with more reasons why you need to seriously consider a TPO roofing material.

J&M Roofing LLC aims to dig deeper so that we may give you a better understanding of how it could impact your business’ growth.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO): What Makes it Great?

thermoplastic word in a dictionary
Thermoplastic Polyolefin or TPO is a synthetic single-ply roofing membrane.

Most experts describe a TPO roofing material as a combination of two popular roofing membranes namely, PVC and EPDM (rubber). They even say that you can take all the positive qualities of the these and present them at a more affordable cost — that’s what you get out of a TPO roofing material.

 Is it too good to be true? Let’s find out together…

TPO is like PVC in terms of flexibility. In fact, it can adapt to your property’s shape, size, movement, etc. When we talk about its strength, it has been proven that TPO is about four times more durable than EPDM. TPO is also built to withstand extreme pressures so you don’t really have to worry about punctures, impact damages, or tears.

With a unique composition, a TPO roofing material can thrive well even in unlikely environments. For instance, it can effectively resist harsh chemicals, dirt deposits, and even plant growth (molds, mildew, fungi, etc.). With these capabilities, you can be sure that a TPO is something you can rely on as you work towards the growth of your business. Of course, you still need to check on it from time to time, but thanks to its superior durability, it becomes less of your worries.

Speaking of worries, there are people who are also concerned about TPO’s waterproofing abilities. It’s good to bring this matter up because it leads us to the answers as to why you should choose TPO above other choices.

TPO as a Waterproof Roofing Membrane

Since the 1980s, people have been using TPO for varying purposes. Most of them use TPO mainly for waterproofing reservoirs and dams. They also make use of TPO to protect containment tanks that carry liquids (drinking water and food ingredients). If you’ll notice, it can come in contact even with sensitive products like water and food simply because they don’t bear harmful elements such as chlorine.

Waterproofing sheets in the form of a TPO
TPO comes in sheets of waterproof material that can either be mechanically-fastened and fully-adhered.

Overall, TPO has a great track record in the waterproofing department which makes it ideal for commercial roofing use as well.

Do You Need a TPO Roofing Material for Your Building?

Now that we’ve been all praises about a TPO roofing material, let’s dig deeper and understand why this is something that you should consider for your property.

Getting a TPO roofing membrane for your commercial or industrial property is a great choice. There are many benefits that come along which would give your money the best value. More than this, note that a single-ply membrane like a TPO is indeed waterproof material. Something that you have to take into consideration especially now that there is a constant external threat in the form of natural calamities (hailstorms, snowstorm, high winds, and more).

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The Value of Getting TPO as a Waterproof Material

Choosing TPO is an immediate guarantee of having a waterproof commercial roofing. We’re not saying leak-proof because this is another topic that we need to discuss (especially if there are other factors involved like improper installation). TPO is a sure bet if you want to achieve a watertight roof that’s built to ensure even the toughest environmental situations.

 Illustration of a tornado in modern city that destroys the buildings.
It’s extremely important to choose a waterproof roofing material like TPO in anticipation of natural calamities that can bring a substantial amount of rainwater, snow, or hail.

To explain this further, here are the consequences of not being able to install a waterproof material:

Damages to the Interior Parts of the Building

Some roofing materials can absorb water which can then seep through the interior parts of the property. It can crawl down to the ceiling and walls, and then on to whatever valuables there may be. For instance, it can get your very important documents soaking wet. It can also damage expensive devices and electronics that your company uses for the operations (ie computers, screens, appliances, etc.).

Take note as well that when water reaches your property’s foundation, it becomes a really serious threat to the overall stability of your building. If not detected early on, it can prompt the whole building to collapse. (A kind of horror story that we don’t really want to talk about.)

Expensive Water Damage Repairs or Replacements

If there’s water in areas that are supposedly dry all the time, then it can worsen as time passes by. It may reach a point when certain areas of your roofing or even the interior parts become no longer functional. Water damage can create rotting, rusting, holes, and other issues that only water damage experts can solve. Mind you, these services aren’t cheap. You may really have to spend a lot just because you weren’t able to select a watertight roofing material.

Yes, you may be able to fix these water damage issues later on but think about the time wasted on repairs or replacements along with the resources that you have to produce.


Choosing a roofing material for your property lies in your own hands. As you make a decision, don’t miss out on the opportunity to consult experts who have the right industry experience.

Roofing is a big commitment. The decisions you make today will directly impact the coming years. And if you are looking for superior durability that’s also proven to be 100% waterproof, then you might want to consider a TPO roofing material.

As we have said, there are different options to choose from. You don’t have to limit yourself with what you are familiar with. If you’re interested to know more about the most reliable commercial roofing systems, the J&M Roofing LLC team is here to guide you. Contact our roofing specialists at 800-773-1616 today.