7 Things That Happen When You Get a Metal Roof Restoration

Metal Roof Restoration

When we hear of the word “restoration,” we often think of our health and well-being, furniture, or anything we ought to bring back to life. But how about restoring your metal roof? Is it even possible?

Roofs that get old and look very rusty with the passing of time create the impression that they need to be replaced as soon as possible. In our years of working in the commercial roofing industry, building owners in New Philadelphia usually believe that a replacement is their only option when too many problems in their metal roofs arise.

Let’s be honest here: Total roof replacements are expensive. And if you don’t have the slightest idea of the best practices to hire a commercial roofing contractor, you can easily fall for scams.

Whatever issues that are going on with your roof, those can be put to an end. The solution is a metal roof restoration New Philadelphia. You no longer need to resort to a complete replacement.

A roof restoration is a hassle-free, cost-effective solution to a long-lasting and beautiful metal roof. Read this guide to discover the many advantages of a metal roof restoration New Philadelphia OH.

What are the things that happen when you get a metal roof restoration New Philadelphia?

1. Roof restorations save time and money.

Do you know how much a total roof replacement costs? That’s about $7 to $12 per square foot. Prices can also vary depending on the height of your building and whether there are occupants inside. If the latter is true, metal roofing services new Philadephia will cost more since contractors will need to extend beyond their working hours.

If you want to achieve a problem-free roof at a lower cost, look no further because a roof restoration is an ideal solution. Your metal roof restoration company won’t have to remove your existing roof.

2 Save Time and Money

Less labor and materials are involved when it comes to roof restorations. This means less expense and a job that’s completed much earlier. You wouldn’t have to worry about temporarily halting your business operations due to the noise and smell of materials involved in a roofing replacement.

2. Longer lifespan.

How long should a metal roof last? A lot of building owners love metal roofs because of their generally last longer than other roofing types. While metal roofs can last from 40-70 years, a number of factors can speed up their deterioration.

These factors include hail, plant growth, moisture, constant changes in temperature, lack of maintenance, foot traffic, and more. All these eventually decrease the reflectivity of your roof and cause punctures.

During the entire time you own your building, you’ll be able to completely do away with a replacement. Metal roofing services New Philadelphia such as ours will restore your roof by applying a Conklin metal roofing coating. This coating seals off leaks and prevents them from coming back. Furthermore, it makes your roof stronger.

You’ll also be delighted to know that roofing restorations come with long warranties. This ensures that building owners can be covered for anything that happens while the restoration coatings are in place.

When hiring a metal roof restoration New Philadelphia company, do ask the number of years your restoration will be covered.

3. Cooler roofing and building temperature.

Cool roofs are roofs that are highly reflective. They prevent the heat of the sun from penetrating your building. Sadly, not all buildings have cool roofs. As a result, their spaces are not thermally comfortable for tenants, especially during summer months.

What’s worse is that building owners pay for high air conditioning bills. They may not have the slightest idea that their roof is the reason behind this excessive energy consumption.

Cooler Roofing and Building Temperature

The best thing about high-quality coating used for metal roof restorations is that it transforms an ordinary roof into an energy-efficient roof. Here, we make use of Conklin metal roof coatings since they are ENERGY STAR rated. You enjoy higher savings, as much as 30%, in your air conditioning bills.

Just think about the many benefits associated with a cooler roof. Higher productivity levels, happier tenants, and the opportunity to help mitigate climate change.

4. Stops problems from getting bigger.

Regardless of the roofing problems you have, whether it’s a leak, poor craftsmanship that led to tears and punctures, or ponding water, you need to get it fixed immediately. Ignoring these issues can only make them worse.

Over time, they only grow bigger and lead to more problems. For example, a leak promotes mold growth. Ceilings, walls, and furniture get stained and deteriorate. Slip and fall hazards among employees and customers also happen.

These consequences are very inconvenient and can cost more than a preventive maintenance work. A metal roof restoration New Philadelphia eliminates the possibility of catastrophic loss.

5. Improve the sustainability of your building.

Rather than replacing your roof immediately and contributing to the increase in landfill waste, hire a metal roof restoration New Philadelphia OH company instead. Restorations are much more sustainable since they involve reusing your roof after fixing it and applying a durable coating.

Sustainable roofing solutions matter nowadays with the incidence of global warming. You as a building owner are given the chance to help save the planet through a custom-tailored roof restoration.


Again, this will not only benefit the environment but you as well, in terms of savings and comfort.

Your building also becomes energy-efficient since you’re going to use a restoration coating solution that’s ENERGY STAR rated.

6. A roof that looks like new again.

Has your metal roofing lost its original luster? The appearance of your roof can affect your clients’ or customers’ impression of your company. And if you’re planning to sell your building in the near future, its old appearance will definitely prevent you from selling it at a profitable price.

Metal roofing services New Philadelphia that do roof restorations will give your roof a bright, clean, and professional appearance.

In a roof restoration process, contractors apply a special coating that removes rust and keeps them from coming back. There are also cases when your contractor will fix or repair damaged areas before applying the metal roof restoration coating.

Now, your metal roof will not only look beautiful and will also be free from annoying leaks, heat penetration, and other issues that prompt an early replacement.

7. Continue your day-to-day business activities.

One of the things that business owners dislike about roof replacements is that they cause a lot of noise. Replacements and installations are disruptive in general. They leave business owners with no choice but to temporarily shut down to allow the completion of roofing work.

Small Business

Know that you have a choice. You don’t need to risk losing customers for a couple of days just to get your metal roof in good shape. Restorations are less intrusive to building occupants. Roofing contractors won’t use a lot of materials when doing the job. This means less noise and a quicker turnaround time.

Generally speaking, a metal roof restoration New Philadelphia is a cleaner and faster process.

What are the steps involved in a metal roof restoration?

Now that you understand the benefits that a roof restoration brings, you’re probably curious about the steps your contractor need to undertake.

While the processes may vary depending on your roof’s condition, here are the things you can expect.

1. Thorough roof inspection.

Before metal roof restoration New Philadelphia OH roofers go to work, first they inspect your roof completely. This will help them detect any existing problems such as rust, dirt, moisture, moss, and punctured areas.

2. Cleaning and repairs.

Once roofing contractors note these problems, they’ll do a thorough clean-up first then repair all damaged parts of your roof. Sometimes they need to replace broken areas that can no longer be sealed.

3. Application of a durable and waterproof coating.

The most important step is the application of a strong metal roof coating. Here at J&M Roofing LLC, we make use of Conklin roofing coatings.

As one of the best coatings in the roofing industry, this effectively seals off leaky areas of your roof. Conklin restoration coatings are also flexible to accommodate daily temperature changes and building movements.

That way, roof problems can be avoided for as long as the coatings are in place. The coatings also give your roof a new and bright appearance. At the same time, the coatings reflect sunlight to lower the temperature inside your building.

Before You Search for Metal Roofing Services New Philadelphia

As we have mentioned earlier in this blog post, you need to be careful when choosing a contractor to restore your roof. Bring in a professional that has the experience and skill set to perform the restoration process.

Search for Metal Roofing Services New Philadelphia

Not all roofing contractors you meet for the first time can give you quality workmanship. A lot of building owners regret not doing proper research because they were in a hurry.

If you arrived on our website because you did a Google search or someone recommended us, you have come to the right place. J&M Roofing LLC is a local company that specializes in metal roof restoration New Philadelphia OH.

We’ll bring back your old roof to its original state through a quality restoration at a reasonable price. We custom-tailor our services to meet your exact needs. Learn why our clients love our work.