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All Things TPO: TPO Roofing Colors For Commercial Properties in Ohio

white TPO roof

From its cost and durability to the different TPO roofing colors available, this latest entrant to the single-ply membrane market has created quite a buzz. Those in the lookout for a new or replacement commercial flat roof have a lot of questions to ask. And you know what? Considering the TPO membrane’s surging popularity over […]

Fabric Reinforced Roofing System vs Roof Coat Membrane: A Youngstown Property Owner’s Guide

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Fabric reinforced roofing system vs roof coat membrane — how does one roofing system differ from the other? Is one better than the other or are they equally important for improving your building?We prepared this guide for Youngstown OH property owners and managers to help them choose from these two modern commercial roofing solutions. This […]

Are Youngstown Roof Replacement Costs Still The Same This New Year?

roof replacement cost

This 2020, many Youngstown commercial property owners are looking to tear off and install a new roof. In this light, the total roof replacement cost is their first query for accurate budgeting. True enough, only reliable Youngstown roofers can answer the cost of a new roof for a 1000 sq ft property. However, for rough […]

The Best Performing Flat Roof Covering Types for Youngstown This 2020

flat roof covering types

Youngstown enjoys a humid continental climate. Therefore, property owners need durable and long-lasting flat roof covering types. All roofs within three years until their lifespan expires will need replacement. While they still have a few years left, we advise you replace them to avoid possible dangers to your property. All flat roof materials prices vary […]

Revealed: An Alternative to a Built Up Tar and Gravel Roof

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A built up tar and gravel roof is comprised of three to five layers of asphalt sheets and hot bitumen. This roofing system is a typical choice among commercial properties in Youngstown OH. If you own a facility in Youngstown, of course, you seek for a roof that will serve you longer. That way, you wouldn’t […]

Commercial Roof Structure Types: Unique Shapes for Your Youngstown Property

roofing shape of commercial retail store building

When it’s time to get a roof for a new commercial property in Youngstown Ohio, a property manager or building owner wonders what his options are. Roofing materials are commonly thought of, and we’ve already written a blog post about them — check out the guide here. But what about roof structure types, specifically roof shapes? Yes, […]

Youngstown Commercial Property Guide: Flat Roof Life Expectancy

flat roof life expectancy

Many Youngstown commercial property owners have a legitimate concern if they’re thinking of flat roof life expectancy. Indeed, every flat roof material has a different lifespan. However, if you knew how long your roofing material had left to live, you can make sound roofing investments without worries in the future. True enough, you won’t need a […]

Youngstown Roof Tips: Bitumen vs Tar and Gravel Roof Life Expectancy

tar and gravel roof life expectancy

Most Youngstown property owners believe that tar and gravel roof life expectancy goes beyond modified bitumen roofs. Most of them choose from either of these two materials because of their durability and affordability. However, which one of them is truly the best to use? Is a modified bitumen roof always the best material against hail, snow, […]

Traditional Roofing Materials For Youngstown Commercial Properties

advantages and disadvantages of flat roof

All commercial properties in Youngstown will likely go with their trusty contractor’s recommended flat roof materials. We have no qualms about the advantages and disadvantages of flat roof materials contractors have installed repeatedly. However, property owners have alternatives to choose from if they feel their properties require a different aesthetic. After reading this post, you will:Learn […]

Choosing a TPO Roofing Material for Your Youngstown OH Property

TPO roofing material

Youngstown OH business owners can choose from a wide array of commercial roofing materials available in the market. In today’s modern age, there are a lot of options to consider depending on how much budget you can allocate. For this blog post, we’ll share with you some insights on one of the front-runners in the […]