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2020 Roofing Guide: What Are The Parts Of A Roof?


As a business owner, what’s the value of knowing the parts of a roof? Isn’t it the job of roofing contractors to know these things? The truth is that yes, you should fully understand the components of your commercial roof. Knowing your roofing from the inside out enables you to take care of it completely. […]

What Are The Best Flat Roofing Options This 2020?

Roofing Options for Flat Roofs

This 2020, what are your roofing options for flat roofs? Times are changing. Hence, you need to find roofing systems that would work for you and your business. It’s not enough that you know what’s out there but you should be able to discern what you need that’s aligned with your personal goals and plans. […]

Why Commercial Roofing Maintenance is Important This 2020

Why Commercial Roofing Maintenance is Important

Why commercial roofing maintenance is important shouldn’t even have to be a question. It is a must for many compelling reasons. But before we get down to details, let’s first identify what it means for you as a Youngstown building owner. Related: Commercial Roof Maintenance: Practical Tips Read on to find out what roofing maintenance […]

Revealed: An Alternative to a Built Up Tar and Gravel Roof

cartoon image of green building with black roof

A built up tar and gravel roof is comprised of three to five layers of asphalt sheets and hot bitumen. This roofing system is a typical choice among commercial properties in Youngstown OH.   If you own a facility in Youngstown, of course, you seek for a roof that will serve you longer. That way, […]

Green Roof Advantages and Disadvantages for Youngstown OH Properties

green roof advantages and disadvantages

Seeking environmental-friendly alternatives for your Youngstown OH commercial building? When it comes to sustainable roofing solutions, green roofing is one of the most popular options. Even if it’s already part of the mainstream industry, not everyone prioritizes having one for their property because of some green roof advantages and disadvantages. As with any commercial roofing […]

Replacing a Flat Roof with a Pitched Roof: Everything You Should Know

view of warehouse with metal roof in sunny day

Ever thought of replacing a flat roof with a pitched roof? Is that even possible to start with? Not every commercial property owner in Youngstown OH would ask these questions as most people are already satisfied with the roofs over their head. Another fact to note is that most commercial buildings use flat roofs – […]

Traditional Roofing Materials For Youngstown Commercial Properties

advantages and disadvantages of flat roof

All commercial properties in Youngstown will likely go with their trusty contractor’s recommended flat roof materials. We have no qualms about the advantages and disadvantages of flat roof materials contractors have installed repeatedly. However, property owners have alternatives to choose from if they feel their properties require a different aesthetic.   After reading this post, […]

Choosing a TPO Roofing Material for Your Youngstown OH Property

TPO roofing material

Youngstown OH business owners can choose from a wide array of commercial roofing materials available in the market. In today’s modern age, there are a lot of options to consider depending on how much budget you can allocate. For this blog post, we’ll share with you some insights on one of the front-runners in the […]