5 Benefits of Roof Coatings for Commercial Buildings In Ohio

The Long-Term Benefits of Roof Coatings for Commercial BuildingsDay-to-day expenses often prompt building owners to think of ways to make their assets last. Because the roof is a huge component of a building, investing in its maintenance so that it lasts makes good business sense. Newer roofing solutions are now being introduced in the market. These […]

Conklin Roofing Contractor Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Surrounding Areas

Conklin Roof

Is your Commercial Roof trying to Tell you Something?No business owner wants to face early and expensive roof repairs.  Our team here at J&M Roofing  is dedicated to helping business owners like you have a peace of mind through our unique commercial roof.  No matter what problems your roof is having, we can promise you […]

2020 Roofing Guide: What Are The Parts Of A Roof?


As a business owner, what’s the value of knowing the parts of a roof? Isn’t it the job of roofing contractors to know these things? The truth is that yes, you should fully understand the components of your commercial roof. Knowing your roofing from the inside out enables you to take care of it completely. […]

All Things TPO: TPO Roofing Colors For Commercial Properties in Ohio

white TPO roof

From its cost and durability to the different TPO roofing colors available, this latest entrant to the single-ply membrane market has created quite a buzz. Those in the lookout for a new or replacement commercial flat roof have a lot of questions to ask. And you know what? Considering the TPO membrane’s surging popularity over […]

Youngstown Property Tips: Re-Roofing Solutions for Roof Drainage Problems

re-roofing solution for roof drainage problems

As a Youngstown property owner, it’s important to know the best re-roofing solution for roof drainage problems. Poor roof drainage will damage your flat roofing material and cost you huge expenses in the future. Because of the huge pressure of standing water pushing against your roofing material, it will create bruises. Eventually, it can tear a […]

Fabric Reinforced Roofing System vs Roof Coat Membrane: A Youngstown Property Owner’s Guide

Roofer worker painting bitumen praimer e1603119395384

Fabric reinforced roofing system vs roof coat membrane — how does one roofing system differ from the other? Is one better than the other or are they equally important for improving your building?We prepared this guide for Youngstown OH property owners and managers to help them choose from these two modern commercial roofing solutions. This […]

Are Youngstown Roof Replacement Costs Still The Same This New Year?

roof replacement cost

This 2020, many Youngstown commercial property owners are looking to tear off and install a new roof. In this light, the total roof replacement cost is their first query for accurate budgeting. True enough, only reliable Youngstown roofers can answer the cost of a new roof for a 1000 sq ft property. However, for rough […]

What Are The Best Flat Roofing Options This 2020?

Roofing Options for Flat Roofs

This 2020, what are your roofing options for flat roofs? Times are changing. Hence, you need to find roofing systems that would work for you and your business. It’s not enough that you know what’s out there but you should be able to discern what you need that’s aligned with your personal goals and plans. […]

Why Commercial Roofing Maintenance is Important This 2020

Why Commercial Roofing Maintenance is Important

Why commercial roofing maintenance is important shouldn’t even have to be a question. It is a must for many compelling reasons. But before we get down to details, let’s first identify what it means for you as a Youngstown building owner. Related: Commercial Roof Maintenance: Practical Tips Read on to find out what roofing maintenance […]

The Best Performing Flat Roof Covering Types for Youngstown This 2020

flat roof covering types

Youngstown enjoys a humid continental climate. Therefore, property owners need durable and long-lasting flat roof covering types. All roofs within three years until their lifespan expires will need replacement. While they still have a few years left, we advise you replace them to avoid possible dangers to your property. All flat roof materials prices vary […]