Fabric Reinforced Roofing System vs Roof Coat Membrane: A Youngstown Property Owner’s Guide

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Fabric reinforced roofing system vs roof coat membrane — how does one roofing system differ from the other? Is one better than the other or are they equally important for improving your building?

We prepared this guide for Youngstown OH property owners and managers to help them choose from these two modern commercial roofing solutions. This is especially true if they think of a costly roof replacement. Later you’ll understand why fabric reinforced roofing systems and roof coat membranes matter.

In this post, we J&M Roofing LLC, are going to discuss the following:

  • A comparison between fabric reinforced roofing system vs roof coat membrane
  • The best brand name for these two flat roofing systems

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Fabric Reinforced Roofing System vs Roof Coat Membrane

fabric reinforced roofing system
Roofer making repairs waterproofing of the roof welding patches by using a propane gas burner and trowel. Installation of roll roofing waterproofing.

In this section, we’ll discuss the basics of these two roofing systems to help you understand their differences and key strengths. Perhaps you’ve heard about them as tried and true roofing solutions for common flat roofing problems.

What is a Fabric Reinforced Roofing System?

The name of this commercial flat roofing system sounds complex, right? As complex as it sounds, its application also involves several steps. But first of all, this roofing system involves the application of the following:

  • Two base coats
  • A fabric reinforcement
  • Top coat that acts as a protective finish

Here’s a sequence of the application:

Your roofing contractors will basically install these over an existing flat roof. Your current flat roof could be black EPDM, modified bitumen, built up roofing systems, or another hot and dark roofing system.

Now, why would you want a fabric reinforced roofing system? Below, you’ll find its list of advantages. Definitely consider it for your Youngstown OH property:

1. Extremely tough

They say that fabric reinforced roofing systems combine the stretchability and durability of liquid membranes and single-ply roofing systems. Single ply membrane examples include EPDM, PVC, and TPO.

With a fabric reinforced roof over your current roof, you can rest assured that it performs way better. It can now withstand building movements without cracking.

2. Possesses reflective properties

As you can remember, a fabric reinforced roofing system features a white reflective coating on its exterior surface. This white coat reflects the sun’s rays. Not all building owners are aware of the fact that excessive sun exposure causes premature roof damage. Your roof heats up and forces your air conditioning systems to work harder. This results in higher energy bills.

Being able to achieve a cooler and energy-efficient structure is one big reason to choose a fabric reinforced roofing system.

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3. Prevents expensive roof tear-offs

When commercial roofs get old and sustain damage, building owners think of replacing them. Keep in mind that not all roofs should be replaced. Some commercial flat roofs can be revived, and this is where fabric reinforced systems come in.

Trained roofing contractors can simply install a fabric reinforced system over your existing roof. This makes your entire roof last longer. The best part? You save money.

What is a Roof Coat Membrane?

roof coat membrane
Asia worker installing tar foil on the rooftop of building. Waterproof system by gas and fire torching

Between a fabric reinforced roofing system vs roof coat membrane, a roof coat membrane doesn’t consist of multiple layers. Simply called roof coating, it comes in a liquid form and adheres fully to your existing roof. Its main color is white.

Similar to a fabric reinforced roof, a coating membrane can be applied to any surface. This includes a 3-ply built-up roof system, black EPDM, modified bitumen, and even metal. Here are some of the notable benefits of roof coatings:

1. Improves the appearance of your roof

Most older flat roofing systems look ugly. It is for this reason that many building owners think of replacing them. They don’t have to. Rather than tearing off your old flat roof and installing a new one, go for roof coatings.

You simply repair damaged sections of an old roof, clean the entire roof, and apply coatings. The resulting appearance is tidy and beautifully white.

2. Stops and prevents leaks

Elastomeric roof coatings like the ones we offer stops leaks in their tracks. We all know that leaks are a major problem. Leaks do not only damage equipment, but they also promote mold growth. Not to mention, slip and fall accidents among your employees.

Because coatings completely cover your roof, they prevent new leaks from forming. The increasing demand for these waterproofing coatings makes sense. Leaks may sound simple to repair, but they’re extremely pesky in reality.

3. Lower maintenance costs

What does roof coating do? Roof coatings help you save more money in maintenance. They add thickness to your roof to protect it from almost anything. This means you won’t have to deal with frequent repairs. The best part is that coatings can be reapplied.

The Best Brand for Fabric Reinforced Roofing and Coating Membrane

Here at J&M Roofing LLC, we highly recommend Conklin. What is Conklin roofing? This brand name is a top provider of fabric reinforced roofing systems and roof coatings. For years, they’ve made the world a better place through energy-saving and eco-friendly roofing products.

Final Thoughts

Now you know that fabric reinforced systems and coating membranes aren’t really enemies. There’s no reason to say that one is better than the other because they’re two unique solutions with similar advantages.

The only difference is that fabric reinforced roofing comprises of multiple parts or layers while roof coatings are applied directly to your roof.

We chose J&M Roofing as our provider. We help building owners in Youngstown OH avoid early roof replacements, thanks to our fabric reinforced roofing system and roof coating membrane application service.

Ready to transform your building today? Want a roofing restoration? Would you like to make your roof last longer? We hope you were able to appreciate the roofing solutions we introduced.

Thank you for reading this guide about fabric reinforced roofing system vs roof coat membrane. Learn more and get your free roofing evaluation. Contact us!