Are Youngstown Roof Replacement Costs Still The Same This New Year?

roof replacement cost

This 2020, many Youngstown commercial property owners are looking to tear off and install a new roof. In this light, the total roof replacement cost is their first query for accurate budgeting.

True enough, only reliable Youngstown roofers can answer the cost of a new roof for a 1000 sq ft property. However, for rough estimates, you can count on this new roof cost estimator to help you get started.

In fact, we’ll even include the roofing labor cost per square to give property owners a better picture of their upcoming roof replacement.

Making an Accurate Youngstown Commercial Property Roof Replacement Cost

  1. Replacement cost factors (5 Items)
  2. High-demand commercial material and labor costs (4 items)
  3. Commercial vs residential roofing costs

Factors That Affect Roof Replacement Costs


The first thing any Youngstown contractor will ask is “how big is your roof?” On average, commercial properties have 1,000-2,300 square feet of roofing.

In addition, it takes a whole construction day for contractors to develop at least 3-4 commercial roofing squares for a day. A roof square is a 10-by-10-foot or 100 square feet of your roof. Therefore, a 1,000-2,300 square feet translates to 10-23 squares.

Consequently, the bigger your roof, the higher your potential roof replacement cost will be.

a wide commercial property more than 2000 square feet
The bigger your roof size, the higher your possible roof replacement costs are.


Suppliers have varying prices for similar commercial property roofing brands. These have a huge impact on the total roof replacement cost for a commercial property.

EPDM or rubber roofs still have a price of $0.5-$1.00 per square feet. In this light, total EPDM material costs can be at $2,300-$3,000 for 2,300 square feet of commercial roof. However, this does not include the labor costs involved.

Using this example, we can calculate the cost for TPO with a price of $7-$9 per square feet and PVC with an average price of $11-$15 per square feet. This serves as your flat roof replacement cost calculator equation.

Property Location

Indeed, your roof replacement cost total varies depending on you and your prospect contractor’s location. If you’re working with a contractor just three blocks down, they can offer the cheapest roof replacement compared to working with a contractor across the state.

In addition to contractors, supplier distance greatly affects your roof material pricing. Most supplier deliveries will have you pay for their mileage and equipment use. Therefore, the longer their transports travel, the more you’ll have to pay.

Furthermore, different cities and municipalities have different sales and construction permit costs that you’ll have to deal with too.

Roof Design Complexity

Fortunately, for commercial properties, their total roof replacement cost often gets a fixed amount in this area because they are flat. However, in case your property isn’t sporting a typical commercial flat roof, you will be facing high replacement costs.

A high-slope roof requires roofers to use safety harnesses. In addition, they’ll use special equipment to tear off your roof and replace it consequently.

Therefore, the use of additional equipment and extended time contractors spend traveling and rendering services across your roof will hugely affect your final roofing costs.

a typical-sized commercial property
Fortunately, most commercial property roofing is flat, which reduces the overall roof replacement costs.

Underlayment Type

Lastly, contractors must take good care never to damage your roofing underlayment during the tear-off process. Therefore, if you’re using a fragile or aged underlayment, you might face a high roof replacement cost total in consequence.

Your contractor will recommend replacing the underlayment during the entire tear-off process. While it sounds like a cost-driving suggestion, it makes sense. Roofing underlayments age and removing it allows your contractor to make commercial roof deck inspections.

In doing so, they can provide the necessary roof structure reinforcing services possible.

High-Demand Commercial Roof Replacement Cost of Materials and Labor


Commercial property owners love EPDM or rubber roofs for its adequate durability and protection. In fact, most find it useful because they’re easy to install, quick to tear off and replace, and convenient to repair.

For 2019, the average EPDM rubber roof replacement cost is at $8,000 – $14,000. This excludes construction permits in your area.


Thermoplastic polyolefin or TPO is the successor of EPDM roofs. It uses rubber with talc and fiberglass reinforcements for extended durability lasting for more than 30 years. Similar to EPDM, it is easy to install, replace, and repair when necessary, which makes it a favorite among most commercial property owners.

However, it costs a bit higher to completely tear off and replace TPO roofs. This year’s material plus labor costs are at $10,000-$15,000 for all commercial properties.


Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is the same material used for innovative plastic water piping. However, reinforced with silica and fiberglass, PVC roofs have purpose-made and strong properties to defend against hailstorms and carry structures such as AC units within its 300 pounds per inch (PPI) carrying capacity.

Today, it costs about $11,000 – $16,000 to tear off and completely replace a PVC roof.

Metal Roofing

Some crucial factors affect the final metal roofing cost for replacements. One, the price varies if you plan to replace your roof with aluminum, galvanized, or galvalumed steel.

Next, your current metal roof tear-offs may require additional equipment and time if it is brittle, rusted, or difficult to remove due to age.

On average, it is expensive to remove and replace a metal roof. You’re looking at $20,000-$30,000 for a complete tear off and replacement.

Commercial Roofing: Cheaper Than Residential Projects?

Fortunately, commercial properties need not to worry about curb appeal. Passers rarely see the rooftop of commercial properties because of their height and shape.

Therefore, in choosing materials, their durability and quality matters more than their aesthetic. For residential properties, owners must consider the roof shape, material, and curb appeal of their roof replacement.

In this light, commercial roofing is definitely cheaper than residential projects. On the other hand, commercial properties deal with siding maintenance and replacement. Siding tear offs and replacement can become expensive especially with extremely high or wide structures.

Furthermore, commercial property owners can take advantage of spray-based commercial roof restoration that does not involve tear-offs and requires less time to complete.

a beautiful commercial property overlooking the intersection
Commercial property roofs cost less to replace. However, they’ll need to deal with huge siding replacement costs when needed.

Wrapping Up

To ensure all your roofing replacement projects return your investment in full, always invest in good materials and reliable contractors.

If you haven’t found a good contractor to help you, you can depend on us at J&M Roofing LLC. We’re a decades-experienced commercial roofing company that can definitely give you the commercial roofing restoration you need. Call us today for a free estimate!