Top 5 Commercial Roofing Problems That a Restoration Can Fix

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Problems, in general, can be prevented through careful planning. Roofing problems in Hamilton are among them.

Take, for example, a commercial building owner in Hamilton who’s serious about growing a profitable business. He decorates his store, puts up the best store sign, and hires new employees. Because he needed a new roof, he hired a roofing contractor to do the job without doing a careful interview and knowing what he’s actually getting for the money he paid.

After eight months, while busy serving customers on a rainy day, his roof leaks. No matter how he tries to patch it up himself, the leaks just keep on coming back.

This is one story that makes us realize the importance of planning when it comes to roofing. But what if you’re like this business owner who’s preoccupied with his day to day tasks? What if your energy bills increased because of your roof?

Will it be the end of the world for you? Don’t worry because it won’t.

The good news is that there’s a real solution to end pesky roof problems that arise. No, the answer is not a roof replacement. It is possible, but not always necessary. The solution is a roof restoration Hamilton.

Have you heard of a commercial roofing restoration? If you haven’t, this article is for you. Here, you will discover what a restoration is. Next, learn how this method addresses your roofing concerns.

Commercial roof restoration: What is it?

Perhaps you’re guessing that a roof restoration preserves the life of your roof because of the word “restore.” Yes, that’s right. Your roof lasts longer through a restoration service in Hamilton.

A roof restoration is a solution in which a roofing contractor saves your roof before it’s too late. When the end of your roof’s lifespan is fast approaching, restore it. The restoration process entails cleaning the roof, fixing broken areas, and repainting it with a quality coating.

Commercial Roof Restoration

Business owners can enjoy many benefits of a roof restoration Hamilton. Repairs that are made address the main problems. On the other hand, the new roof coatings reflect the sun’s rays, keeps your building cool, and prevent leak from coming back.

Most of all, they save you a lot of money.

Do you know what’s great about a commercial roof restoration in Hamilton? Professional contractors can use this method on nearly all commercial roofing materials.

You may wonder how a restoration differs from a commercial roof repair Hamilton. Here’s the answer: A roof repair focuses only on specific, damaged areas. These problems are easier to address because they do not involve your entire roof. Once perform a repair, you’re sure to prevent bigger issues. Repairs are also part of a restoration process.

What are the 5 problems that a roof restoration Hamilton can solve?

1. Roof leaks

Do you have a metal roof? EDPM? Modified PVC? No matter the type of roofing material, a restoration can end a pesky leak. First, your roofing contractor conducts an inspection to locate those leaks. Next, he patches the leaks and proceeds to apply elastomeric coatings. These coatings are strong and ensure that water will no longer penetrate your roof.

Several things cause a roof leak. It can be that a softball-sized hail stone hit your roofing surface and punctured it. Or perhaps there was a build-up of ice dam. This added weight to your roof, damaging it in the process.

Roof Leaks

Regardless of the cause of the leak, you need to address it as soon as possible. The entry of water leads to interior damage in many ways. For one, puddles on your floor increase the possibility of accidents. Water also damages your roof deck and speeds up the deterioration process. Lastly, leaks attract insects and promote mold growth. The latter endangers a person’s health.

2. Rusting

If you have a metal roof, you know very well that over time it will rust. Think that rust doesn’t harm your roof? Think again. Aside from the effect in appearance (rust gives your roof an orange color), rust creates holes in your roof.

Rust happens when water gets in touch with metal surface. As oxidation eats away metal, collapse can happen in the long run.

Since rusting creates continuous damage once it happens, manufacturers coat metal roofs in rust-resistant coatings. However, not all coatings are made alike. There are coatings that last and coatings that don’t.

Just because your roof in Hamilton is rusted doesn’t mean you should replace it. Here at J&M Roofing, we deal with rusting by doing a roof restoration Hamilton. With this, we use a restoration coating. This special coating manufactured by Conklin Roofing gets rid of rust and prevents in from progressing.

Read our post on the advantages of restoring metal roofs.

3. Increasing energy bills

A lot of people don’t know that roofing has a role to play in energy efficiency. What are the ways your roof increases your energy bills? The potential of your roof to help you minimize energy costs depends on these factors:

  • The quality of the roofing material
  • Climate of your area
  • Quality of insulation or whether insulation is present in the first place

If your roofing is low in quality, you live in a hot area, and your insulation is compacted or also low in quality, you cannot expect your roof to reflect heat the way it should. As a consequence, heat penetrates your roof and transfers into your building.

Heat that enters your building through your roof forces your cooling systems to work harder. The result? Your energy bills increase.

Electricity Pricing

For this reason, building owners are highly advised to choose a cool roof from the start. A cool roof differs from a typical roof in that it is designed to reflect sunlight. Instead of absorbing heat, it bounces back. In this case, your roof no longer absorbs heat.

But what if your building doesn’t have a cool roof? What if you chose the black-colored EPDM roof that absorbs heat than reflects it? Should you replace your roof just to enjoy a cool roof? You don’t have to.

We can transform your regular roof into a cool roof through our roof restoration Hamilton. Any roof can be made cool, whether you have EPDM, metal, or another type of low sloped roofing. J&m Roofing uses Conklin Roofing coatings to give your roof a cooler surface.

You enjoy many other benefits aside from decreasing your utility bills. A commercial roof restoration in Hamilton creates a comfortable indoor temperature. This boosts your tenants’ productivity. Our coatings also extend the service life of your roof.

4. Worn out appearance

What you may not realize is that your roof’s appearance affects your ability to bring in more customers. A poor appearance creates the impression that your business is “outdated.” Even though physical appeal has nothing to do with how you serve customers, you cannot stop negative impressions.

As clothing can impact your success in the workplace, so does the appearance of your roof in attracting customers. If your roof looks worn-out, you can safely assume that it has developing problems as well.

Roofing appearance is also a huge selling point. That is if you plan to sell your building anytime soon. Buyers are more likely to pay a higher price if they know that your roof is problem-free.

Again, a roof replacement is not the only option to boost roofing appearance. A commercial roof repair Hamilton is not also enough to do that. With a restoration roofing, you don’t only stop problems like leaks; you also benefit from an improved appearance.

Conklin Roofing coatings for a commercial roof restoration Hamilton instantly boost your roof’s appeal. These coatings create an even appearance so that your roof looks like it was newly installed.

5. Expensive and disruptive roof replacements

Undergoing a total replacement is not your only option. Thanks to advancements in the roofing industry, we have come to experience the benefits of roof restorations.

When compared to a total replacement, restoration roofing costs much less. Contractors that perform restorations use fewer materials. The process is also less labor intensive and causes no disruption to building occupants.


Roof replacements take longer to complete and somewhat force business owners to stop operations because of the noise and debris. Replacements are not just expensive; they contribute to more landfill waste.

Most of all, a roof restoration Hamilton stops catastrophic loss from happening.

Summary of the benefits of a restoration roofing service

Before we end this blog post, let’s summarize all the benefits of a commercial roof restoration below.

1. Makes your roof live longer

Because a roof restoration eliminates existing problems and prevents them from coming back soon, it extends the life of your roof. So, if you want to add 10-15 more years to your roofing lifespan without the hassle of replacement, choose a restoration.

2. Affordable and time-saving

Save more money down the road with a roof restoration Hamilton. Your roofing problems go away at a price you can afford. You don’t have to close your business for a days to a month and losing sales. Since only a few materials are involved in a restoration, this will not take long to complete.

Affordable and Time Saving

3. Increased comfort and productivity

Aging roofs have a less reflective surface. More heat is absorbed if you have the dark rubber EPDM. J&M Roofing will restore your roof using reflective coatings that decrease indoor temperature. A cooler environment leads to happy and productive employees.

Get a commercial roof restoration in Hamilton today

We hope that we have opened your mind to a better alternative to a roof replacement. Take note, though, that your roof should be assessed first. This helps determine if your roofing qualifies for a restoration service.

J&M Roofing is a company that specializes in various roofing solutions. We address different commercial roofing problems through our restoration services. It doesn’t matter what kind of roofing material you have because we have special coatings for all materials.

If you need insulation and single-ply roofing, we also install these materials for your roof. Contact us today at 800-773-1616 (toll-free).